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Approximately 2,000 workers in the United States have a job-related eye injury each day.

It’s no secret that exposure to excessive noise can damage hearing, but just how much noise is too much? The decibel level of the average conversation is about 60.

Millions of workers everyday risk their lives due to potential work hazards such as molten metal splashes, flash fires, and electrical arc flashes.

A single head injury can handicap an employee for life – at worst, it can be fatal.

Passing cars and heavy equipment present an ongoing danger in any construction site.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, workplace eye injuries cost over $133 million a year in medical expenses, workers’ compensation and lost production.

OSHA statistics show that 61% of construction accidents were due to impalement from rebar. Unguarded protruding steel reinforcing bars are hazardous.

Silt fences should be inspected routinely to make sure they are performing as intended

Barriers Protect and Save Lives

In many workplace situations, barricades provide the first line of defense against potentially hazardous areas.