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Construction workers are exposed to a variety of hazards that must be anticipated and mitigated before any project begins.

When it comes to preventing and/or significantly reducing damage to structures from flooding, sandbags are the go-to item.

OSHA estimates that nearly 350 worker deaths every year are due to electrical hazards.

Road repair is critically important to those who's town or city has been affected by a major disaster. In returning to one's home, being able to get food and supplies is critical for survival.

During hurricane season, the flooding that occurs is not only a hazard to those owning businesses or homes affected by water damage, but also to workers engaged in cleanup efforts.

Workplace exposure to harmful gases, vapors, sprays, airborne particles, and even insufficient oxygen can lead to a variety of health issues for workers.

The hot, hazy, humid days of summer are upon us. That means for outdoor workers, the incidence of illnesses and fatalities from heat stroke and heat exhaustion are substantially greater.

The flip side to summer's sunny days are the (often sudden) thunder/lightning storms the season brings.

The four most common hazards in construction: Electrocution, Fall, Struck By and Caught-In-Between are responsible for more than half of worker deaths annually in construction.