7 Must-have Items For The Job Site This Summer

While there are certain things one would never want to venture onto a job site without, summer’s heat requires specific items that provide protection from the sun and/or offer heat-reducing qualities to guard against heat stress. Here are our top 7 picks to help weather outdoor work this summer:
  1. Sunscreen: Working outdoors between the hours of 10am and 2pm expose one to two-thirds of that day’s ultraviolet radiation. A good sunscreen is the first line of defense against the sun’s harmful rays. Choose one that protects against UVA and UVB rays. Reapply every two hours, especially when sweating or working near surfaces that intensify ultraviolet radiation, such as water, sand and/or concrete.  
  2. Neck Shade: The neck is one of the most hard-hit areas of the body for sun exposure while on the job and neck shades are specifically designed to counteract this problem. An ANSI lightweight mesh neck shade provides high visibility while blocking 99% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. 
  3. Sweat-Wicking Tee Shirt: Tee shirts designed to wick away moisture from the skin offer comfort & dryness even in the most demanding work conditions. Products such as Mutual Industries' high visibility HydrowickTM Tee Shirt is made of 100% 6.2oz polyester which allows perspiration to dry away from the skin. The special weave also has soil release properties which allow the shirt to take punishment and still look new wash after wash. 
  4. Cellulose Sweat Band: A cellulose (sponge) sweatband is a multipurpose miracle for working in the heat. It not only absorbs sweat and keeps it from dripping into the eyes and onto the face, but it can be dipped in cool water, squeezed out and reapplied to combat the heat and provide instant relief. Mutual Industries’ Cellulose Sweatband has an elastic band box stitched to the material for durability and stays soft wear after wear. 
  5. Cotton Head Wrap: This classic head covering serves to both protect from the sun and contain moisture, keeping sweat out of eyes and off the face. Mutual Industries’ Cotton Head Wraps are designed with a super absorbent terrycloth band inside for extra comfort and come in an variety of fun colors and patterns.  
  6. Insulated Water Bottle: Keeping hydrated is essential to prevent heat stress, heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses. OSHA recommends drinking 4 cups every hour while the heat index is 103 degrees F to 115 degrees F. Choose an insulated bottle that will keep water cold even when it is sitting in direct sunlight. Also look for one with a rugged exterior that can weather the harsh conditions on a construction site! 
  7. Ranger Hat: A wide-brimmed ranger hat provides an extended radius of shade from the sun to keep the wearer cool. ANSI ranger hats are specifically designed to provide high visibility while on the job. Look for those with mesh venting for added coolness and an adjustable drawstring for a comfortable fit.