Preventing Work-related Burn Injuries Requires The Proper Ppe

In many instances, the only thing standing between a worker and a serious burn injury is protective clothing. It takes mere seconds for a sudden arc, molten metal or flash fire to end in tragic injury to a worker. Studies show that the most severe burn injuries occur when a worker is wearing non-flame resistant or non-fire retardant clothing which catches fire and continues to burn. Protective clothing which is flame-retardant helps avoid burns in 5 ways: 
  1. It self-extinguishes while non-flame resistant work clothes continue to burn even after the source of ignition is no longer present;
  2. It provides thermal protection to shield the wearer at the point of exposure;
  3. It resists ignition;
  4. It does not melt onto the skin; and  
  5. It resists breaking open and exposing skin
This protection can mean the difference between a minor accident and a serious injury or fatality. Selecting the proper flame retardant clothing is a must for those working with potential heat and/or fire hazards.