Proper Placement Can Prevent More Than Half Of All Ladder Accidents - Learn How To Secure Your Ladder For The Job

Over half of all ladder accidents happen because the ladder's placement is unsafe. To reduce the risk of accidents and injuries when using a ladder, it is critical to ensure that it is placed in a manner that will keep it secure through the entire work process. Use these techniques to keep your ladder stable:

  1. Make sure your ladder is at the correct angle - for every 4 feet of the ladder’s working length, place it 1 foot away from the surface where it’s resting.
  2. Place ladders on a firm, level, non-slip surface and never place a ladder on top of objects such as boxes or other movable objects.
  3. Secure straight or extension ladders to an upper support to keep the top area stable - do not place a ladder against a gutter, window sash, or anything that can move.
  4. Be sure the ladder’s surrounding area and supports (top and bottom) are free of debris, mud and/or grease.
  5. If setting the ladder on a smooth floor, use a ladder with safety feet. If the top of the ladder is leaning on a smooth surface, use wall grips on the risers to prevent slipping.

For more information on ladder safety, visit OSHA’s ladder safety page at